Claudio Arrau
1903 - 1991


Photo: Christian Steiner R

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Most recent updates: December 2021.

Notice Board

March 2020

'ArrauHouse' is still seeking a German-English voluntary
translator to translate into English, in full or summary
form, a series of short Austrian press articles and
announcements printed in Fraktur fonts.

The material relates to some of Claudio Arrau's
musical activites between 1927 and 1940.

A professional involved in the Classical music or
academic fields will be preferable.

Alternatively, a transliteration from Fraktur font to
Latin font German may suffice, as German in Latin
characters could then be electronically translated.

The activity is expected to be conducted on a voluntary
basis, at the translator's or transliterator's own pace. 

On completion of the task, the voluntary translator or
transliterator will receive permanent recognition
in this website as an
'ArrauHouse' Contributor.

Any-one interested in supporting the 'ArrauHouse'
project in this manner, please contact
Mr. J.M. Lopez via  arrauhouse@gmail.com

Thank you.


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Maestro Claudio Arrau was a universally revered classical pianist who developed a philosophy on interpretation based on fidelity to both the composers and their historical times, and perfected a technical school on performance to match.

A child prodigy, whose first public recital of clasical music was given at the age of 5 in his birth town of Chillán, Claudio received in 1910 a scholarship from the Chilean Government to study in Germany, where he excelled at a very young age to become an international iconic figure in the world of classical piano music for the best part of the 20th century.

This website testifies to it.

Mission Statement

'ArrauHouse' aims at honouring the memory of Maestro
Claudio Arrau and acknowledging his outstanding status amongst the foremost classical pianists of the 20th Century.

Target Audience
The intended target audience of this website encompasses classical piano music lovers, record collectors, record producers, piano students, concert pianists, musicians in general, music broadcasters, music critics, and members of academia seeking factual information.

     You are reading the homepage of a purely informative, descriptive and educational website, first launched in Sydney, Australia, on the 3rd of February 2005, as a pilot project.  On that date  - three days before Maestro Arrau´s 102nd anniversary -  the site was uploaded under the name of ArrauHome (subsequently changed to 'ArrauHouse'), and was tested over the February-April-2005 period as a website using both the  www.arrauhome.com  and  www.arrauhome.org domains.

     Artistic comparisons and technical statements of judgement regarding Maestro Arrau's interpretation of works and approach to music are deliberately avoided with a view to thus encourage, and faciliate the enjoyment of, uninfluenced direct personal exploration and discovery.

     'ArrauHouse' is a private, voluntary, resource-sharing, non-profit-making project, developed for the sole love of classical piano music as a pure expression of the human spirit.

      Most information and illustrations found organised into this project come from the public domain, printed and photographic matter accompanying the artist's output items, relevant biographic essays of wide circulation, books and other printed media, as well as goodwill contributors and internet inhabitants in general.

Site Management
      The numerous component sections of 'ArrauHouse' are expected to be updated and enhanced on an ongoing basis, no sooner new relevant material and the necessary resources become available.  The dates of the latest updates are indicated at the bottom of each individual section page.

Bequest or Auction
     The entire large private collection of physical items, identified in this project's 'Complete Discography' [please see] and 'A Bibliography' [please see], forming two out of the various sections of the website, will be either auctioned and awarded to the highest bidder or bequeathed to a proven, meritorious, public, cultural or educational organisation which shall sufficiently demonstrate that it possesses the means, and shows the intent and commitment, to take charge of, preserve and further both the collection and the website.
A decision on this matter will be publicized in due course through the 'ArrauHouse' website at any time before 2025.

Contributors and Sponsors
     A Contributors' List is shown on this website [please see] and periodically updated as needed to acknowledge organisations and individuals from all around the world who, inspired by what they find on this pages, may wish to voluntarily contribute well-informed, document-supported, relevant material of any kind to its contents, within the framework of the site's Mission Statement (above).

     A Website Sponsors' Register is also shown on these pages [please see] and periodically maintained as needed to acknowledge organisations and individuals from all around the world who may like to voluntarily contribute resources, such as small amounts of funds, with no strings attached other than accountability, towards the cost of designing, establishing, maintaining, and further developing the technical IT aspects only of this website.  Such contributions, if any, will be publicly accounted for on these pages.

      No sponsoring will be sought for developing either the actual contents of this website or its related collections.

      Your kind interest will be greatly appreciated.

      (Mr.) Jose-Manuel Lopez, Project Originator


February 2005 (pilot). February 2006 (launch).

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