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Claudio, 1908, Chillán - For his first ever public recital. §.

           Claudio with brother Carlos and sister Lucrecia, circa December 1903, Chillán.   
Claudio, 1907, Chillán.
Claudio, 1908, Chillán
Claudio, 1909, Chile
Claudio, 1908, Chile
Circa 1909.  Aunt Celina, Claudio himself, sister Lucrecia & mother Lucrecia.  Chile.
Claudio, 1909, Chile
Claudio, 1909, Chile


1909. Claudio. La Selecta magazine. Santiago.
1910. Claudio, mother and sister. Santiago.
Claudio, c.1910, Chile.
Circa 1911.  Claudio.  Chile.
1911. May.  Claudio Arrau on board the German cargo-and-passenger ship Titania
in transit from Valparaíso to Buenos Aires, destination Germamy.
Circa 1913. Claudio with mother. Berlin.
Circa 1914. Martin Krause, Claudio Arrau. Berlin.

Circa 1915. Claudio Arrau at the beach, with one of Prof. Krause's daughters. Germany.

Circa 1915. Claudio Arrau practicing. Berlin. §.
[Photo by Herbert Lessmann]
Circa 1910.     Professor Martin Krause. Berlin.     Circa 1914.
Circa 1880.    Claudio's father, Carlos Arrau Ojeda.
From the Collection of the 'Museo Histórico Nacional', Chile.

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