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1941. Carmen, Ruth, Claudio. Forest Hills, N.Y.   1942. Claudio, Carmen, Mario. Forest Hills, N.Y.
1942. Claudio Arrau and son Mario. Forest Hills, N.Y.
1942. Carmen, Claudio. Ruth, Forest Hills, N.Y.       Circa 1943. Claudio, Ruth. Forest Hills, N.Y.

1942. Claudio Arrau with mother, Lucrecia, at home. Santiago. Chile.

1942. July. Ruth Schneider de Arrau.  Santiago.  Chile.
Photo by Tótila Albert Schneider.

1942.   Mario, Ruth, Carmen & Claudio Arrau. Forest Hills, N.Y.  §.

1942. Carmen, Ruth & Mario Arrau. Forest Hills, N.Y.

1942. May. Claudio Arrau.  NBC Concert Service.. New York. §

1943.   Claudio Arrau posing.  New York.  Photographer?

1944. January.  Claudio Arrau & Joseph Szigeti rehearsing.  Washington.

1945. Claudio Arrau posing. New York.

1945. Officers of the Texas Civic Music Association honouring Claudio Arrau. Waco, USA.
Photo: Waco Tribune Herald Sun of 4th April 1954.

1945. Igor Stravinsky. Claudio Arrau. Joseph Szigeti. New York.
1945/6. Claudio Arrau. Forest Hills, New York.

1946. Claudio Arrau. England.

1946. Claudio Arrau.
Photo: 'The Post-Standard Sun' of 15th September 1946. Syracuse. New York.

1946. 30th April. Claudio Arrau beginning a concert tour from Miami, Florida,
on a clipper of Pan American World Airways, to
Jamaica, Cuba, Panamá, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil & Chile.

1946. Early August. Claudio Arrau and Dimitri Mitropoulos. Brahms's piano concertos.
Robin Hood Dell, Philadelphia.   Photo Associates.

1946 11th & 12th January. Claudio Arrau. Liszt's Piano Concerto No.1.
Utah State Symphony Orchestra. Milton Forstat.  Kings Hall, University of Utah campus, USA.
Photo: 'The Salt Lake Tribune'.

1947.   Claudio Arrau.  New York.  Photographer?

1947. Claudio Arrau. Photo by Arnold Newman (for Columbia).

Circa 1948. Claudio Arrau with pianist Joseph Cooper. London.

1949. Doctor Honoris Causa. Reception.
Chilean National University / Universidad de Chile. Santiago.

1949. Claudio Arrau. [Unidentified persons]. Venezuela.

1949. Hijo Predilecto de México. Mexico City.
José Ives Limantour,conductor, Carlos Chávez, composer,
Miguel Alemán, México's President, and Claudio Arrau, pianist.

1950. 10th December. Human Rights Day Concert. .
Metropolitan Opera House, New York.
Second Anniversary of the Adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
by the United Nations.  Appearing in the post-concert reception photo:
Baritone John Brownlee;  Ambassador Nasrollah Entezam, President of the fifth session of the General Assembly;  conductor Fritz Busch of the Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra of New York; contralto Marian Anderson;  U.N. Secretary General Trygve Lie;  pianist Claudio Arrau and Mrs. Ruth Arrau;  and behind them, Ambassador Hernán Santa Cruz and Mrs. Santa Cruz.

1950, March.  Claudio Arrau Street.
Santiago, Chile.
1950, March. Lucrecia (mother) and Claudio.
Santiago, Chile.
1950, March.  Claudio Arrau Street.  Santiago, Chile.
1950, March.  Ruth and Claudio Arrau.  Santiago. Chile.

1950. October. Claudio Arrau at a Reception by Lady Crosfield
at her Highgate home in Witanhurst, London.
1950, July.  Claudio Arrau on arrival in Medellín, Colombia,
for a recital at the Teatro Bolívar.

1951.  The Arrau Family: Ruth, Mario, Claudio & Carmen. New York.

1951, September.   Claudio Arrau: 'milk, rather than whisky'.
The Vancouver Sun, Canada, 29 Sept.1951.

1952. Mario, Carmen, Claudio and Ruth.
Douglaston, Long Island, N.Y.
1952. Claudio and ían.
Douglaston, Long Island, N.Y.

1952, May. Claudio Arrau rehearsing for a BBC radio broadcast. London.
BBC 'Radio Times' weekly of 16 May 1952. 

1952, November.  Mr. Lucien Wulsin (President of Baldwin Piano Co., Cincinnati, &
Chairman of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra Board, and a watchful Claudio Arrau.
Photo: Minneapolis 'Tribube ' of 7th November 1952. 

Circa 1953.  Claudio Arrau filming works by
Meldelssohn,  Chopin-Liszt   &  Liszt. . 
Carnegie Hall.  New York.

Circa 1953.  First tour of India.  Claudio and Ruth Arrau. Delhi. India.

1954.  Claudio Arrau in conversation, from having recorded for the soundtrack of the film 'Rhapsody', directed by Charles Vidor, at the MGM Studios in Beverly Hills, California, with Johnny Green
(pianist and conductor, on the right) and Bronisław Kaper (film composer, on the left).

1954, 11th July. Claudio Arrau. Pierre Monteux. Beethoven's Emperor Concerto.
The Berkshire Festival. Massachusetts, USA.

1954, 31st August.
Claudio Arrau & Hans Schmidt-Isserstedt.
Edinburgh Festival.  Scotland.

1954. 29th September. Claudio Arrau.
Recital on BBC TV. London.

1954. María Concha-Subercaseaux, Benjamín Subercaseaux,
Claudio Arrau, Violeta Parra and relatives. Chile.

Circa 1955. Claudio Arrau. Promotional photo.

1955. Ruth Arrau. José Maza Fernández, President of the UN General Assembly,
Claudio Arrau, Raquel Lyon de Maza (wife),
Dag Hammarskjold, Secretary General of ONU 1953-1961. United Nations, N.Y.

1955. February.  Claudio Arrau posing.  Carnegie Hall.  New York. 
Photo 'Musical America'. Photographer?

1955. Circa Friday 8th February.  Marking Claudio Arrau's 52nd birthday.
Pianists Claudio Arrau (tasting an 'empanada') and Nora Arias Schmied (at the back,
and cutting a cake), with her siblings at her family home, somewhere in the USA.

Photographs kindly contributed by Mr. Ángel Martínez Acuña through pianist Raúl de la Mora.

Circa 1956. Claudio Arrau.

Circa 1956.  Claudio Arrau posing.  Photo by Derek Allen for Columbia.
1957. Claudio Arrau, Consul-General of Chile Óscar Palacios and other VIPs.
Barcelona, Spain.

1957. Claudio Arrau. Mexico.

Early 1957.   Claudio Arrau posing.  Carnegie Hall.  New York.  Photographer/s?  §.. §. §. §.

Circa 1958. Claudio Arrau. London.  Photo by John Stephens Orr.
1958. Claudio Arrau. Photo Columbia.

1958.  May. Claudio Arrau.  Paris.
Photos Roger Viollet.

1958. 28th October. Conductor Andrzeij Panufnik, Donald Johnstone,
Mrs. Johnstone & pianist Claudio Arrau at a post-concert civic reception
by the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra.
Photo by Birmingham Daily Post. England.

1958. 15th December. Claudio Arrau.  'The Times-Picayune'.
New Orleans.  USA.   Photo J. Sadlier. §.

1958. Carmen and Claudio Arrau backstage before a recital.  Santiago. Chile.
Photo:  'Ercilla' magazine of 13 August 1958.

1958 or 59. Daughter Carmen and Claudio Arrau
backstage after a recital.  Santiago. Chile.

1958. Claudio Arrau rehearsing. Frankfurt. Germany. [Photographer?]

1959, July. Claudio Arrau visit to Chile. Photos 'El Mercurio'.

1959 15th or 16th August. Claudio Arrau visiting Chillán, his birthplace, in Chile,
surrounded by Gonzalo Gazmuri Pesse, Governor of Ñuble (right),
and Angelino Gebaüer Sepúlveda, award-winning photographer (left).
1959 15th and 16th August. Claudio Arrau, local authorities and admirers.
Hijo Benemérito de Chillán
. Chile.
1959 16th August. Claudio Arrau. Hijo Benemérito de Chillán.
Official Ceremony. Chillán Town Hall.
[Photo: La Discusión newspaper,15.07.1991. Chillán]
1959 16th August. Claudio Arrau. Hijo Benemérito de Chillán.
Presentation of O'Higgins' Bust. by Chillán's Deputy Mayor.  Chillán Town Hall.
1959 16th August. Lucrecia and Claudio Arrau.
Visiting Quinchamalí Handcraft Exhibition in honour of Claudio Arrau. Chillán. Chile.

1959, August.   Claudio Arrau.  London.   Photo: 'Record Timnes' monthly.

1960.   Claudio Arrau.  Lima Airport.  Peru.  Photographer?.

1960, 20 January. Claudio Arrau delivering
his daughter Carmen in wedlock.  New York.
Circa 1960. Claudio Arrau at his Douglaston home studio. N.Y.

1960, 6th February.   Claudio Arrau's 57th birthday in Berlin.
Photos by Harry Crone.

1960, July.   Claudio Arrau. BBC. London. UK.  Photographer?  §.§.

1960.   Son Christopher and Claudio.  Douglaston Home Studio, New York.

1960. Claudio Arrau rehearsing Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No.1 in London.

Circa 1960.  Claudio Arrau.  London.  Photo Columbia.

1960, Athens Festival. Ernest Ansermet. Claudio Arrau.
Odeon of the Herodes Atticus. Greece.

1960, 23rd April.   Carlo Maria Giulini, Walter Legge & Claudio Arrau 
listening to a fresh recording of Brahms's Piano Concerto No.1 for Columbia, which, along with the 1962 recording of Brahms's Piano Concerto No.2, went on to win the Deutsche Schallplattenpreis 1963.  Photo by Godfrey MacDomnic.

1961, January. Claudio Arrau.  Salt Lake City.  Utah.  USA.
Photo:  'The Salt Lake Tribune' of 17 January 1961.

1961. Claudio Arrau walking along Rue Royale, Paris.

1961, April.  Claudio Arrau receiving a standing ovation
in the Fredric R. Mann Auditorium, Tel Aviv,

1961, 19th JuneClaudio Arrau interpreting Schumann's Carnaval Op.9
for BBC Television.  London.  Photo BBC.

1961, 27th June.  Isaac Stern. Pablo Casals. Claudio Arrau.
Brahms's Trio No.2 Op.87. Pablo Casals Festival. San Juan. Puerto Rico.

1961: Arrau rehearsing. Carnegie Hall. N.Y. Photos by Erich Auerbach.

1961. 7th June.  Claudio Arrau rehearsing for Concerto Festival at the Royal Festival Hall,
London, with the London Philharmonic Orchestra under Sir Adrian Boult.
Photo Erich Auerbach FRPS.

1961. Claudio Arrau's hands. Photo by Arnold Newman.

1962. Claudio Arrau walking along the Quais de la Seine / Le pont des Arts, Paris.

'Middle Period'

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