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Ruth Tuck, Remembering Claudio Arrau, 1991.
Ms. Tuck, painter and architect, conceived this image whilst thinking of Claudio Arrau's playing.

Mr. Roberto Córdova (Chillán, Chile, 1946), an architect and painter
exhibiting in Spain and Chile, has kindly donated the following
electronic images of some of his works.

Watercolour, 29x29 cm


Watercolour, 29x29 cm



El cante
Watercolour, 24x32 cm



Talcahuano (Chile)
Watercolour, 12x34 cm



Wide skies
Watercolour, 32x49 cm



Mountain range, detail
Watercolour, 27x79 cm



Imagined wilderness
Watercolour, 50x66 cm



Imagined dawn
Watercolour, 50x66 cm



Popular fair
Pastel on woodboard, 60x70



Suns, detail
Watercolour, 26x62 cm



Lancing stage (Tauromachy)
Pastel on woodboard, 40



The great spinning top
Pastel on woodboard, 60x60 cm






From the top



La Reina Bridge


  Watercolour, 2008

  Watercolour, 2008

  Watercolour, 2008
Roberto Córdova, painter

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